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The introduction of globe valve

Published by jodith valve May 20,2024

What is a globe valve?

The globe valve (also known as a stop valve) comprises a plug-shaped valve flap that seals the top of the plane or sea cone surface. The valve flap is aligned along the center line of the valve seat for linear movement. The form of movement of the valve stem, which is commonly referred to as a "dark stem", encompasses both lifting and rotating stem types. These can be employed to regulate the flow of a diverse range of fluids, including air, water, steam, corrosive media, slurry, oil, liquid metals, and radioactive media. Consequently, this type of globe valve is particularly suited to the cutting off, regulating, and throttling of fluids. The valve stem of this type of valve has a relatively short opening or closing stroke, which allows for a highly reliable cut-off function. Furthermore, the valve seat orifice and the valve stroke are proportional to the relationship between the valve flap, which makes this valve suitable for regulating the flow.


What is the purpose of a globe valve, and what is it used for?

The primary function of a globe valve is to regulate the flow of liquids and gases in pipes. The valve typically comprises a movable disk-type component and a non-moving ring seat within a cylindrical body. The globe valve's seat is located at the center and side-by-side with the pipe, while the seat's opening is closed using a disk or plug. The structure of globe valves enables them to accommodate flow in both directions.


What is the most common application of a globe valve?

Globe valves are primarily used in a basic water faucet. Upon turning the handwheel, there is lowering or lifting of the disc. If the disc is lowered to the maximum, the water supply completely shuts off. However, when the disc is at its topmost position, the flow of water is at its highest rate. A globe valve may be sealed in more extensive industrial settings using an electrical actuator rather than a manual handle.

There is usually a disc inside a globe valve which makes the liquid change its direction and goes through the disc. This means that the fluid cannot flow as freely and causes the pressure in the valve to drop. Globe valves are incompatible with slurry or thicker liquids that the disc can obstruct.


What industry or company uses globe valves?

Globe valves can be used in many process industries. However, their application determines the valve’s internal construction. For instance, a globe control valve would be trimmed with internal components designed to control the process fluid. Therefore, globe valves are widely used in the plant piping industry and can be operated manually or automatically. Unlike gate valves, globe valves will help regulate pressure flows and complete the flow of liquids or their complete shutoff.

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