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The Comparison Between Cast Steel Valves and Forged Steel Valves

Published by jodith valve May 27,2024

Forged steel is made by forging or pressing metal materials after heating them at high temperatures. Its main characteristic is rapid cooling at high temperatures to maintain good toughness and strength. Forged steel is frequently used in high-strength and high-demand parts such as large machinery, automobiles, and aerospace. Its manufacturing process is relatively complex, requiring special processing equipment and excellent craftsmanship.


Cast steel is made by adding pig iron to an appropriate amount of molten steel and casting it after melting. Because the process produces less thermal stress, cast parts can maintain good density and wear resistance. Cast steel is usually suitable for the manufacture of large, complex-shaped parts including some important engineering parts such as bridges, water conservancy projects, and offshore platforms.


Forged steel valves are made by forging metal billets under high temperature and pressure, usually using carbon steel, alloy steel, and other high-strength steel as raw materials so its material is more robust and durable, suitable for use in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. The cast steel valves are produced by the casting process, ordinary carbon steel, nickel-based alloys, and other materials, with relatively low costs.


The structure of forged steel valves is relatively simple, and generally used to cut doors, ball valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, and other types. Cast steel ones, on the other hand, are characterized by greater variety and more complex structures and can produce different types of valves, such as ring valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, and globe valves.


In general, the two types offer distinct features and advantages, choose which valve type should be based on the specific application scenarios for comprehensive consideration, and select the most suitable material, structure, and process. 

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