Jodith is a manufacturer of all kinds of industrial valves, such as gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, strainer, flange, and accessories. We have ISO9001, CE, PED, EAC, CLASSIFIACTION IAC and national patents. We have more than 80staff, covers 3000square meters, invests more than 8million USD, keeps more than 300tons stock, ranges from 1/2″-48″/DN15-DN1200 with pressure class1500-class2500LB/PN6-PN420.


Price advantage: factory direct sales, eliminating all intermediate links, no middlemen to earn the difference, the price can reach the minimum, the profit directly to the customer.

Cost advantage: most of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the coastal park are conducive to division of labor and cooperation. With the lowest cost of raw materials and transportation, they can realize the maximum allocation of resources by taking advantage of industrial cluster.

Transportation advantage: the sea and land in coastal areas are convenient for export.

Product quality: production scale is small. Product quality is easy to control, good quality.

Service quality: 24 hours free consultation, can better serve customers, improve customer satisfaction.

Technical support: provide technical support for 365 days. Two years of quality assurance, quality and service double first-class.

Scientific and technological innovation: professional r & d team, relying on science and technology, continuous innovation, strict management, precision machining.

Technical Support: Magic Lamp