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The Importance of Pipeline Valve Maintenance and The Existing Problems

Published by jodith valve April 28,2024

The Importance of Pipeline Valve Maintenance and The Existing Problems

As a professional valve factory, Jodith valve design and manufacture strictly according to the international standard as API and DIN standards, and we offer experienced instructions to customers to maintain the pipeline valve and prevent the existing problems.

The main function of the valve in long distance natural gas pipeline is to control the flow, flow direction and cut off of natural gas in the pipeline, and to adjust the pressure and flow rate in the pipeline, which plays a very important role in protecting the normal operation of long distance natural gas pipeline. Therefore, the valve maintenance and maintenance work are of great significance. This paper mainly analyzes the importance of pipeline valve maintenance and the existing problems.


1. Importance of operation and maintenance

Among the various modes of energy transportation, pipeline transportation is a very important way. Especially in China, due to the problem of uneven energy distribution, the transportation often needs to cross a long distance. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for pipelines. And as one of an important part of pipeline, pipeline valve can satisfy the use of different user needs, for natural gas pipeline valve, if there is a problem caused the pipe blockage or gas leakage, is extremely easy to cause a huge loss, affect the normal use for energy downstream customers, or even cause safety accidents. In order to prevent valve problems in natural gas transmission pipeline, it is necessary to strengthen its maintenance and maintenance work and prevent possible problems in advance.

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2. The condition of valve in long distance natural gas pipeline

On the construction of gas pipeline at present already quite mature and perfect, but in the process of actual use, the valve parts will still has some problems, such as: due to the error in the transport, installation, the valve, lifting, handling such problems as unreasonable, internal valve into the impurities, will cause certain damage to or body of valve sealing ring; If the line overheats during valve welding, the sealing ring inside the valve can be severely scalded, affecting the tightness of the valve and leading to internal leakage during valve commissioning. If the internal leakage problem is not dealt with in time, it may cause a wider leakage problem. In addition, when the valve is in a high temperature, humidity or pressure environment, coupled with the chemical reaction between the metals in the pipeline, will also cause some corrosion of the natural gas valve, resulting in the pipeline cannot be safe and stable operation.

Maintenance before valve operation of natural gas pipeline valve

The maintenance of natural gas pipeline valve is of great significance to the safety and efficiency of natural gas pipeline transportation.

This paper puts forward several specific valve maintenance measures. Valve maintenance is divided into two parts, namely, pre-operation maintenance and daily operation maintenance. This article focuses on pre-operation maintenance.


  1. Selection of Valve Raw Materials 

Jodith valve choose the best and qualified casting steel material which is 20% cost higher, and all valves are painted for high temperature and anti-corrosion paint material which is 30% higher cost than other factory. We do PMI test for the incoming casting steel to ensure the chemical composition of the material is as standard.

Because the valve is not a one-use product, it has higher requirements on the quality and service life of its materials. Secondly, because the valve of the long natural gas pipeline is generally in the external environment, it is easy to be corroded by various materials, so it is necessary for its materials to have strong corrosion resistance. In addition, the relevant ASME/DIN standards and the price of materials are also important factors in the selection of raw materials for valves.



2. Maintenance of Valve Storage


When storing the valve, we check the appearance, nameplate and relevant document information, and conduct strength and sealing test on the valve. If the valve parts are damaged or lost in the valve handling, timely complete, and do the corresponding inspection records and warehousing procedures to our ERP system. Secondly, to do a good job of cleaning the storage valve, use anti-rust agent or anti-rust sticker to prevent the processing surface of the valve, valve stem, sealing surface and other rust, disease on the valve import and export closed. If the valve is temporarily cannot put in storage, should be placed in dry and ventilated temporary huts, and ensure that the valve stem position up or flat, through apply grease to protect of valve sealing surface, two ports closed valve, use butter, grease, etc. Close the mouth by stuffing box, finally use felt or rain tarpaulin cover to protect.

成品阀门库存照片 – jodith valve storage


3. Maintenance before Valve Installation


Before the valve installation to its maintenance and maintenance work mainly includes the following aspects: 1. (2) put the valve in the fully open position, check its limit; Check the gap between valve body and sealing seat and the surface of sealing ring by hand touch; (3) ensure the normal operation of grease injection port, smooth grease injection, to report the check valve is smooth; Ensure the sealing seat groove is clean before grease injection; (4) use the rings correctly to carry the valve to the official cavity to be installed.

Daily operation maintenance of natural gas pipeline valve

From the previous article, we learned how to maintain valves in long distance natural gas pipelines. It is also important to maintain the valves in the daily operation of l natural gas pipelines valve. This passage is about the daily operation maintenance of natural gas pipeline valve.


1. Maintenance of Valve Rotating Parts


As the valve needs to be moved many times in daily operation, it is necessary to ensure good flexibility of rotating parts. The valve flexibility can be checked regularly, cleaned regularly and injected into the sealing system of the seat or body with a small amount of grease, thereby reducing the friction between metals, reducing the valve switching torque and avoiding the valve locking problem.


2. Paintenance of Valve during Grease Injection


The amount of grease injected is a very important issue when the valve is operated. Too little grease may lead to faster wear of the valve, while too much grease may cause unnecessary waste. Therefore, in the grease injection operation, according to the type of valve, switch frequency, flow medium, tube temperature, type of grease injection and grease pressure and other factors for comprehensive consideration, so as to ensure the reasonable amount of grease injection.


3. Valve Packing Maintenance


The lack of valve packing can lead to valve leakage, so it is necessary to extend the service life of the valve by checking the packing of stem bearing regularly, replenishing when insufficient, and lubricating with proper injection of new grease.


4. Other Maintenance Measures


In addition to the above maintenance measures accident, but also regularly through the sewage nozzle to carry out sewage maintenance valve, to avoid the valve in cold weather frozen problems; Check the flange, grease inlet and valve stem for leakage. Make good valve maintenance log, so as to ensure the normal operation of natural gas pipeline valve.




With the increasing application of natural gas in China, the construction of long distance natural gas pipeline is also increasing. Only through scientific and effective maintenance and maintenance of the valve of long distance natural gas pipeline, can it provide an important guarantee for the safety and efficiency of pipeline transportation.

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