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Casting steel A216 WCB Gate Valve Class 300

Our gate valve class300# 8'' are strictly quality controlled and popularlly popularly ordered by customer due to its high quality and competitive price as bellow characteristics: 1.Full port body design Symmetry port,Go

Product Specification:
  • Standard : API600
  • Pressure : CL300
  • Size : 8inch
  • Body : WCB
  • Trim : 1#
Product Details

     api 600

gate valve price


Our gate valve class300# 8'' are strictly quality controlled and 

popularly ordered by customers due to its high quality and competitive price as bellow characteristics:

1.Full port body design

Symmetry port, Good for medium flow, Sophisticated process, Precise production, Strong toughness, High pressure resistance and crack resistance

2.Thickness standard body

Carbon steel body, high hardness and temperature resistance, reliable anti-exposure performance; Standard thickness flange connection, great pressure resistance; Standard size flange, convenient replacement, Strong versatility.

3. Spray painting protection


Strong corrosion resistance.

4. OS&Y, outside screw and yoke

Well-made, convenient and durable, Strong versatility, Sophisticated process, precision production.

5. BB, bolted bonnet

Thickness standard, high-quality, API Specification(the international specification, used in the important industrial pipeline), strict standard, Whole-process quality control, Copper core iron.

6. Flexible wedge, fully guided

Better airtightness. Flexible wedge can fully compensate for seat surface distortion and valve body deformation due to pipe stress.

7. Renewable seat rings

Long service life, reliable sealing. Flexible graphite packing, good sealing

8. Forged T-type stem

Strong hardness,, graphite packing sealing, quality guarantee, (thickening the valve stem, the valve stem nitriding treatment, strengthens the hardness, prolongs the life, prevents the valve stem to blow out).

9. Rising stem handwheel

casting iron handwheel

small torque, convenient opening, Saving effort in opening and closingbeautiful design, easy to operate, strict standard.

Fully in strict accordance with the lasted API version


Our gate valve WCB class150# 16'' is API standard, well, we accept non - standard customized according to




casting steel

valve process



Our gate valve WCB class150# 16'' Application:

steelworks ;electric power plant ;thermal power plant ;boiler plant ;hydraulic

power plant;petrochemical engineering;


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