What is the characteristics of different valves?(3)

Published by jodith valve April 28,2024

What is the characteristics of different valves?(3)

Through the analysis of the above six types of valves commonly used in the design of chemical pipelines, we can have a deep understanding of their respective characteristics, in this process, we can also get the corresponding thinking. Therefore, in the future in the specific work of valve selection should be more based on the understanding of the characteristics of the valve to choose. When carrying out some steam, high temperature oil and gas medium transmission work, should be more select wedge type single gate valve; And in the development of some relatively pure medium transport work, you can choose the check valve to carry out; In addition, when using butterfly valve must pay attention to the temperature is not too high, fluid pressure is not too high; And in the use of ball valves, should be more used to transport some temperature is not high, pressure is strong, and the sealing of the pipeline requirements of some fluid.




All in all, chemical pipeline valve selection is commonly used in design work is very important, his quality and safety of the whole work has important influence, therefore, in the process of valve selection in the future, the corresponding personnel must to deeply grasp the characteristics of them, on this basis for chemical needs to select the specific design work. In this paper, the author analyzes the characteristics of gate valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, cock valve, ball valve and diaphragm valve, which are commonly used in chemical pipeline design, and then discusses the selection of these valves. It is hoped that in the future development process, the appropriate personnel to choose valves, can consider various factors, so as to improve the safety and efficiency of chemical production to create good conditions.

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