Published by jodith valve April 28,2024

Jodith team is strong in all kinds of valves.

The goal is typically to develop new products and services to market and add to the company's bottom line.

jodith R&D department

Our head engineer manager comes from 

Fang Zheng Valve, the top one of valve industries in China,

he has experience in designing and innovation of valves for decades,

such as metal to metal ball valves, dbb ball valves,

special material monel500 pressure sealing globe valves class2500lb 10 ",

C95800 gate valves 18 " with glass flake epoxy for continuous immersion service of sea water.

The manager undertakes to innovate and introduce new products and services

to Jodith products of valves and pipeline accessories.


With the leading of the R&D manager,

the engineer team not only strongly support our sales activities,

but also allows us to stay ahead of industry competition.

More, the team seriously controls the quality of valves to satisfy customers in all aspects.

We believe we will be one of the top valve suppliers in valve industry.  

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